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Entry #1


2008-02-03 10:25:20 by Skymyers

i just submitted my first flash yesterday.. altho it wasnt much of an animation.. much of u loved it.. and i just submitted my animation today.. it took me all night to make.. ill be encouraging lots of constructive criticism, mostly from the more experienced... its a big thing..
..thank you



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2008-02-03 14:21:27

Nathan Rich?


2008-02-06 07:52:21

What the fuck
That sucked lol... the intro was too long (egotripper), the walking of that ugly alien thing was deformed. It all was sooooo slooooow. Unoriginal ending also. I'm sorry but I can't come up with anything positive


2008-02-18 11:04:24

Ur absolutely right. There were some good things, like it was kinda funny, but it was waaay too slow.